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Industrial Components

The decades-long experience of the Pezzutti Group in the injection molding of durable and technologically advanced plastic products, together with the versatile, up to date and large fleet of injection press machines, allows solutions for a variety of projects, even complex ones.

With rapid prototyping, the study and construction of moulds, and assembly upon request, we respond to customer needs in the best and most efficient way possible.

The knowledge and use of a vast choice of techno polymers and molding technologies, including 2K and 3K, overmolding, In Mold Labeling and In Mold decoration technologies, combined with ultrasonic welding, allows the Pezzutti Group to offer solutions to multiple sectors industrial: precision mechanics, mechanical-textile, electrical and electronic components, hydro-thermo-sanitary, air conditioning, industrial extraction and ventilation, household appliances, eyewear, just to name a few examples.

The products are developed based on specifications and designs of the Customer who can be offered preliminary feasibility analysis, structural study, FEM, mold flow and filling analysis, development of functional prototypes and carrying out laboratory tests.

Our team, in collaboration with the Customer, optimizes the production process and identifies technology, robotics and automation to simplify processes, increase efficiency and realize cost savings.

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