Over 50 years of experience to study and create tailor-made solutions.

With over 50 years of experience in polymer injection molding, our long history of experiences, innovation and technologies are available to our Customers to study and create tailor-made solutions, including mold design and manufacturing. The most suitable production technologies, including 2K, 3K, over injection, gas assisted injection, IML-IMD, are used for each industrial sector, using quality standards developed to suit each application and adapted to small, medium or large production volumes. The quality parameters defined for each product always correspond to the appropriate configuration of the mould, equipment and presses, which are the main critical factors that determine the quality of the product both in terms of design and sizing.

Mold Workshop

Pezzutti is equipped with a specialized mechanical workshop for the internal production of molds.
The Tooling Department also acts as strategic support and rapid maintenance of the over 2000 molds in operation. The quality and functionality of the mold and process are essential conditions to guarantee the quality standards required by our customers. The Pezzutti mold construction department is supported by a Technical Office capable of studying molds of any level of complexity. Each new mold is carefully set up and tested in our production plants to ensure optimal performance over time.



Pezzutti has the know-how and the most innovative technologies to provide competitive advantages to our customers.
2K and 3K Injections, Assisted Gas Injection, Sequential Injection, Overmolding, Insert-Moulding, are all solutions available in Pezzutti. At the same time, Pezzutti offers the possibility of migrating technical applications between the most diverse product sectors and therefore identifying the most competitive and innovative solution for partners.

Injection molding

Pezzutti has over 18,000 SQM of space dedicated to molding and production, with 4 plants. It is equipped with over 160 injection presses machines, including 16 bi-material injection presses, 4 for tri-material, 22 machines dedicated 100% recycled plastic. The range of clamping pressure varies from 10 to 2,000 tons.



presses from 10 to 2000








Dedicated r-MAT


Upon completion of plastic component production processes, the Pezzutti Group is able to offer additional services for secondary moulding operations such as:
Ultra sonic welding, Chroming vacuum metalizing, Tampo printing, Painting / lacquering ……
There are no limits, only challenges!


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